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From advice, structuring and management to investment and research, our solutions meet all the needs of private, professional and institutional clients.

  • Wealth Management

    Wealth management is our foundation offer, and for many clients the access point to our full range of services. Wealthy clients across Switzerland, Monaco, the EU, Africa, and the Middle East choose us for the independent research, direct access to expert perspectives, and collaborative relationship we offer. Together, we help entrepreneurial wealth creators and inheritors to plan and structure their wealth, direct their banking relationships and manage discretionary and advisory portfolios.

  • Private Equity

    Our search for the best private equity asset management investments is unconstrained. Determined to focus on opportunities to deliver good returns that have a positive impact on our environment, benefit societies, and promote good corporate governance - we offer a range of club deals to sophisticated private clients, and investment funds for finance professionals, and non-governmental and financial institutions. Hands-on and transparent – our strategies are beacons of authenticity.

  • Structured Products

    Talent and team combined, we can react quickly to market changes. We provide help and advice clients selecting products through our brokerage and issuing service and have the ability to adapt and structure products to suit each client’s needs. Private clients are joined by asset managers, banks and more traditional institutions, taking advantage of our transparent fee structure and reputation for creating opportunities.

  • Financial Research

    A cornerstone of Atlantic, all of our research is carried out in-house by our own team and we offer this to our fellow Atlantic businesses and to other asset managers who value our unique perspective. For Atlantic investors this means they can be sure that the analysis behind our investment decisions is completely aligned with the Atlantic philosophy and always looks beyond the limits of conventional research. For other professional investors who choose Atlantic as a research partner, our approach offers different levels of engagement and always delivers the focused, relevant insights and data they need to inform high quality investment decisions.

  • Real Estate

    Developed and refined for the institutional market, our real estate investments are increasingly popular with private clients. Event driven and with an opportunistic track record, our approach to real estate asset management has earned a powerful reputation for the high quality of our people and performance. Always ready to think beyond the limits of conventional investments we are looking to develop future ESG strategies that offer the opportunity to invest in the regeneration and renovation of existing properties.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    We partner with owners and managers of small and mid-cap private companies in Switzerland and across the EU to help grow their businesses through mergers and acquisitions. Our experienced team helps them to look beyond the limits of their own organisation with the knowledge and knowhow to drive forward purchases and play a hands-on role in managing transition and restructure.

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  • Direct Debit

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